Our company was founded 2 years ago with a simple goal in mind: help businesses leverage existing technology to streamline their operation.

In our years of experience, we often find that companies are under a misconception regarding both the feasibility and the cost of technology solutions that could help their business run more smoothly.

Technical solutions that once cost thousands of dollars are now a common commodity.

We don't have a one-size-fit-all mentality when it comes to software. While many businesses share similarities, in the end it is the differences that clients focus on, and thus, the differences are what we focus on.

We are there to help in the formation of the solution, throughout development, and finally in the deployment. We will also continue to monitor the application to ensure quality.

And above all, we believe in transparency. We are very clear about our terms, prices, duties, and obligations.


Do you want to develop a website, or an application? Are you in doubt where to start, or who to contact? Perhaps you're looking to modify or improve an existing code-base? We are here to help you with that.

Mobile Applications

Do you have an idea for the next greatest app? You've got only one chance to impress. We can definitely help you with that.

eCommerce Consulting

Do you have plans on opening an online store? Do you want to increase the revenue on an existing shop? We have over 10 years of experience in ecommerce.


Are you facing technical issues in your business? Do you have a technical project, but don't have the resources to complete it? We can provide you the technical guidance that you need to succeed. Contact us for a free consultation.

  • Working with OdemGroup in the past year has been a wonderful experience. They've helped me develop an application to manage my ecommerce business. Turns out, I was not the only one looking for such an application, and our software is now on track to help other merchants achieve $100 million in sales by end of 2016.

    SimoneOMS Icon

    Ikey Bahar CEO @ SimoneOMS Inc.

  • I highly recommend OdemGroup for your website needs. I was having serious trouble with my old website, and OdemGroup reworked it from the bottom up, not only making it perfect, but giving me the tools to make alterations in the future, in a user friendly way. We are currently working on a brand new website, which is very exciting, and is almost ready to launch! OdemGroup has been professional, responsive, proactive, and punctual, in all the dealings we have had. Working with them is a pleasure!

    Peter Epstein, DMD BeachSmile.com

If you're passionate about crafting the next generation of Web applications, if you love using bleeding-edge technologies to bring your ideas together, if you enjoy delivering satisfying products - we want you.

We're currently looking for proven full-stack Web developers. The perfect candidate will have:

  • Experience with Python & Django
  • A solid JavaScript foundation
  • Experience designing RESTful services

To apply, use the contact form below.

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